από address στο forum Suzuki ... Z 750 vs Hornet 600. Đó thật sá»± là câu hỏi khó cho những người vốn yêu thích dòng naked bike phân khúc 600 phân khối. Za mě bych určitě šel do Hondy.Kvalita,zpracování a výdrž je úplně někde jinde.Jde o to co preferuješ jestli opravy,nebo ježdění. Honda 600 Hornet, Kawasaki Z 750, Suzuki GSR 600, Yamaha FZ6. Follow. GSR 600 vs Hornet 600 - svezení/porovnání 2.1.2012 v 18:35 | Nahoru | #31 FZ1 jsem měl, tentokrát to asi bude na rok 2012 nějaká 6tka :o)Výběr je těžkej :) Yes, it’s had its heyday, but it’s still very much relevant and competitive, particularly with its recent price drop. The fight’s timing also coincides with Yamaha addressing the MT-09’s main criticisms: ABS brakes are now available (adding 3kg) and the bike’s initial throttle response is less jerky courtesy of new ECU mapping. The ringside banter is backed up by a difference of almost 20kg (210kg vs 191kg wet at weigh-in) and the work rate of the GSR’s 750cc inline four is eclipsed by the MT-09’s 850cc triple. Jahn. Its overhead shape mimics the form of an hourglass in the guise of a narrow, sculpted tank and inverted heart-shaped seat. At Oto.com compare CB650F vs GSR 750 on 100 parameters to find out which bike suits you. for sale. The trade-off, however, is more frequent fuel stops thanks to a smaller, 14-litre tank compared with the GSR’s comfortably leg-splaying 17.5-litre shape. 3:09. Suzuki GSR600: history, specifications, images, videos, manuals. In fairness though, the GSR comes from an era in which it rivalled the conceptually similar Yamaha FZ8N (still on sale) and Kawasaki Z750/800. 0:46. bigbou píše: uživatelů / den, Copyright © 2001-2021 Motorkáři.cz | Horneta má každej druhej. In its standover and thigh-to-thigh balance, or mass centralisation, it’s much lighter and lower. Comparatif Z750 vs GSR 750. I bet a good bottle Groff goes down in the third.” “You’re on!”. bhp. Pjercak> Na 4.500 km se utrhnul ventil a zničil celý motor.Pak odešel regulátor napětí a to už jsem nevydržel a prodal ji.Každopádně se na obě podívej a uvidíš jak je Honda proti Suze krásně zpracovaná. Engine Case Sliders for Suzuki GSR600/750 and Suzuki GSX-S750 '17- modelsECS0044BK This R&G Engine Case Sliders suitable for the Suzuki GSR 600/750 and GSX-S750 '17- models. The resulting numbers are 85Nm at 8500rpm and peak power of 86kW (115hp) arriving at 10,000rpm with an 11,500rpm rev limiter. KAWASAKI Z750. review. Source(s): gixxer 750 600 big difference: https://biturl.im/pDiZC. 0 0. suzuki gsr 600 vs hornet. KAWASAKI Z750. It’s also good to see the likes of Yamaha rapidly responding to criticism of the MT-09 by making a good bike great. Version: K9 gsr 600 Year: 2009 Annual servicing cost: £150 Ignore the poor reviews, what a fantastic 599 cc bike. Puffybatting. review. But deceiving it is, with plenty of punch from the get-go and a tall first gear ideal for the city commute. This got us thinking: is there more to this match-up than there appears? These faults have vanished, including the droning Akro pipe, which now emits the right snarling bark. Špacírek> ale u ostrejch 6kovejhc sportů je to tak 5 tis ne? 17.9.2012 v … It’s significantly narrower. Road Test: 2007 Z750 v FZ6 v GSR v Hornet. “It is also a one-way operation,” he said. as the darling of the masses. 0:57. Honda CB 600F Hornet, Suzuki GSR 600 Zobrazit jen poděkování (1) 12.3.2014 v 19:35 Ahoj chtěl bych se zeptat co by bylo vhodnějÅ¡í pro začátečníka jestli Suzuki GSR 600 nebo Honda CB 600F Hornet. Initial ride impressions are what you’d expect from a Japanese inline-four: well mannered, predictable and linear acceleration, an athletic top-end and, above all, few surprises, like making out with an old flame at a school reunion. Za mě bych určitě šel do Hondy.Kvalita,zpracování a výdrž je úplně někde jinde.Jde o to co preferuješ jestli opravy,nebo ježdění. Then you swap steeds for the MT-09. Ergonomics is better on the 07 cbr600rr. Totally agree with Thing 1 and Thing 2. Fazer se mě taky líbí víc ale je to vkusu. This was done using Yamaha’s diagnostic tool (commonly associated with Yamaha’s giant-killing WR250 and 450 enduro models) and was a service offered free of charge, according to Yamaha Motor Australia communication manager Sean Goldhawk. 4:00. guida: come pulire sostituire filtro aria honda sw. fai da te Roberto Pignoli. frčel jsem na starším hornetu,,ale jen kousek a moc jsem to netahal..ale za mě posez vklidku podle mě na delší štreky to bude vpohodě..a řek bych že odspoda jel pěkně :), Někdo někde psal, že je to nástupce Bandita, tak jsem se trochu lekl. The engine is a great mix of torque and top end, and it handles the best out of the 3. Honda 600 Hornet, Kawasaki Z 750, Suzuki GSR 600, Yamaha FZ6. “There’s bound to be tension between Groff and Harris. Welcome to a world of high tea, cucumber sandwiches, and screaming petrol engines as the naked middleweights tear into... MPG. 1:05. Share: 0. The idea of pitting Australia’s best-selling naked bike against what might seem like an also-ran from yesteryear didn’t come from Motorcycle Trader’s brainstrust but from the bikes’ creators. Martin Tommy. Tot nu toe was de Honda Hornet 600 de … … - Visordown is the world's fastest growing motorcycle website with all the latest motorbike reviews, motorcycle news, riding tips, and exclusive motorcycle videos. Let’s get ready to rumble! Re: Comparo Honda 600 Hornet, Kawasaki Z 750, Suzuki GSR 600, Yamaha FZ6.. par Dantylios le Mer 03 Sep 2008, 13:26 non mais j'ai pas dit le contraire lol moi je repete juste ce qu'on ma dit, alors aussi c'est pour sa que je suis la ^^ pour connaitre un peu plus le FZ6 ^^ Jahn. filtro aria originale 13780-44g00-000 suzuki gsr 750 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 top speed. Welke motor: GSR 600, Z750, CB 600 (hornet) Onderwerp starter nic-nac; Startdatum 15 mrt 2011; Forums. ISSN 1214-7125 | By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to their use. The first, an early model non-ABS version, suffered from a snatchy throttle that didn’t take well to slow-speed manoeuvres in all but the conservative ‘B’ mode without clutch input. IT The benefits of a back-to-back comparison allow you to revisit initial impressions and immediately show up differences. Puffybatting. RosendaBernstein. There’s no escaping that intoxicatingly instant surge, no matter where you are in the rev range or which gear you’re in – it’s as flexible as it is linear. Sujet : Que choisir entre FZ6, Z750, Hornet 600, Bandit 600 et GSR ? Honda Hornet 600, Kawasaki Z 750, Suzuki GSR 600, Yamaha FZ6 Comparison test all-rounder. 8a h8ela th voi8eia sas mhpws kai vrw akrh... eimai metaksu tou gsr 600 kai tou hornet. And just like that, for this 2015 model, poof. forum. All Rights Reserved. Să intre în scenă Honda Hornet CB600F, Kawasaki Z750, Suzuki Bandit GSF 600, Suzuki GSR 600 și Yamaha FZ6/Fazer. Lennie Mace. TERNI, NARNI SUZUKI GSR 750 TIPO VEICOLO NAKED CC 750. Installing neatly and easily to the existing engine case on the right-hand side providing protection in the event of a drop, crash or slide to the otherwise exposed casings. Welcome to a world of high tea, cucumber sandwiches, and screaming petrol engines as the naked middleweights tear into... MPG. Road Test: Hornet 600 v Z750 v Bandit 650 v FZ6. gsr 600 - suzuki - ricambi moto. Honda CB 600 F Hornet vs Suzuki GSR 750 : Nos avis subjectifs. THUMBS UP – Performance – Value – Agility – Character in spades, THUMBS DOWN -Smallish tank – Seat uncomfortable for longer distances, THUMBS UP – Old-school charm – Performance – Suspension, Sign up to one our free weekly newsletters: More motorcycle reviews and features here or see the latest motorcycles for sale here, Subscribe to Motorcycle Trader magazine here. By Jon Urry. suzuki gsr 600 vs hornet neos xrhsths kai sxetika neos motoshkletisths. as the darling of the masses. It’s obvious the MT-09 was designed from the outset to be a rawkus naked bike, not a rework of an existing model. Motoren. Your requirement profile: You are four-cylinder, active throughout Europe, light and strong, but not too strong, make life easier for beginners without boring … Share: 0. So is there an undisputed champion of the world? By Jon Urry. Tyre sizes and wheelbases are almost identical, however, with a mere 10mm in the Suzuki’s favour at 1450mm. Suzuki, on the other hand, paid the house off long ago and its kids have all grown up so its stakes in the GSR750 are relatively low. Téma: GSR 600 K8 vs Hornet 08. zbynour offline 51/190 Kravaře Suzuki GSR 600 . Having spent most of my time on a 600, the 750's raw acceleration north of 8000 rpm is almost scary. Honda Hornet 600F vs. Suzuki GSR 600 Honda Hornet 600F hay SUZUKI GSR 600? Likewise its conventional ergonomics and cushy seat, which make it comfortable to carve corners and munch more miles than the Yamaha. Is there more to these grudge matches than meets the eye? The bike’s fly-by-wire throttle offers three power modes to flick between to suit the mood and road conditions including the default ‘Standard’ mode for everyday riding as well as ‘A’ and ‘B’ modes, which deliver the full beans and reduced power for wet weather, respectively. Op 23 februari van dit jaar maakte Suzuki bekend dat de fonkelnieuwe GSR750 voor een introductieprijs van € 8.999 de winkels in zou gaan. It inspires confidence, encourages you to ride harder and it all works better in the urban jungle. And the sweet spot? uživatelů / měsíc top speed. It means there isn’t the same neck-snapping throttle response you get with the MT-09 when you crack the throttle. Playing next. tyres. It was also fitted with an Akropovic titanium exhaust system ($1497) that was painfully loud and droning. EXHAUST MIVV YAMAHA YZF 600 R6 OVAL 2003 2004 2005. If it were 600 vs 600, I'd get the Honda. Make an informed choice after head-on comparison including price, user reviews, detailed specs, … Both are champions in their own right but not without their handicaps. That it did, but where the Street Triple loses ground in engine outputs and price, it more than makes up for in harmonious cohesion – its initial throttle response is less snappy and its roadholding less fidgety. The real-world benefit is an engine that provides a linear and super-strong torque delivery thanks to near-identical combustion and composite torque waves. Téma: GSR 600 (bazar) vs Hornet 600 (inzerát) desmo69 offline 15/410 Přerov II - Předmostí Suzuki GSX-R 600, Honda CB 600F Hornet . But instead of throwing its veteran FZ8N in the ring, Yamaha clearly wanted to demonstrate the virtues of its modern, middleweight naked, and Suzuki believes it has a tried-and-true contender to keep the new kid honest. Theo thông số kỹ thuật thì SUZUKI GSR 600 có công suất đạt 98/1200 (ml/vòng/phút).Trong khi đó, HONDA HORNET 600F có công suất 107 mã lực, tốc độ vòng tua máy thấp hơn, thế nhưng HONDA HORNET 600F lại tỏ ra mạnh mẽ hơn hẳn SUZUKI GSR 600 ở nước ga sau. It’s also a bit more pillion friendly than the cramped MT-09. ACCEPT COOKIES For more information, click here. Time to find out. GSR 600. Hornet. Huis > Gebruikte onderdelen merk/type > Suzuki gebruikte motorfiets onderdelen > GSR 600 / GSR 750 > GSR 600.